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Linen Size Guide

Linens arrive pressed and ready for use for your event. To avoid extra charges, we ask that you please take the time to follow a few simple procedures to ensure your linens are returned free from damage.

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Linen Care & Handling

  • Please DO NOT attempt to wash our linens

  • Shake out all linens to remove any debris (i.e. excess food, confetti, glitter, rose petals, etc)

  • Allow any wet linen to dry completely, this will avoid getting mildew on the linen and causing damage.

  • Place all dry linens in the provided linen bag for return

Please note that any Wax or Mildew on the returned linen will result in extra cleaning charges at a minimum of $15 per unit. In cases beyond repair, you will be required to purchase the linen. 


Extra charges will also apply to linen that looks like it has been used as a cleaning rag or requires additional disposal procedures. 


In addition to Wax or Mildew, the following list  of additional damages for which customers are held responsible. 

  • Cigarette or Burn Holes

  • Staple Holes or Tears of any kind

  • Grease & Dirt beyond normal table use

  • Ink or Dye stains

Food stains and spills will normally come off with our standard laundry procedures so we ask that you do not attempt to wash or iron any of your linen prior to their return. 

Your linen may vary slightly in color from one another. Linens are added to our stock at different time, or may be from a different dye lots (from our manufacture). These color variations are not defects and no refund or other consideration shall be made for these situations but we do our best to match all linens to the best of our ability. 

It is your responsibility for the linens once you are in possession of them. it is your responsibility to return the linens in the same condition that you received them, except for normal soiling. Normal Soiling, is food, beverage and other consumable stains. 


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