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Customer Obligations


Customer is responsible for proper operation and care to all equipment rented and to return all equipment in the same condition. Customer agrees to pay any costs to repair equipment damaged, as well as any associated shipping charges, parts, and labor. On furniture, some soiling and wear is acceptable as long as it is reasonable to the proper use of the equipment. For linens, large portions of food and dirt need to be scraped off for laundering. Tables and Chairs need to have staples, tape and dirt removed. Lighting and sound gear must be 100% free from dirt or other contaminants including liquid or large qty of dust. Customer is responsible for loss or damage to equipment from theft, mysterious disappearance, or for any other cause after the equipment is no longer in My NW Event LLC possession.  


            In accepting liability for the safe keeping of all rented equipment, customer agrees to pay My NW Event LLC the current rental fee on reverse side for the equipment until it is returned. If a replacement is needed rental fees will be continued until the balance of the replacement has been paid in full. All rentals will be kept at the event location on reverse side at all times and must be surrendered upon request of My NW Event LLC. We will note any visible damage if any to equipment at time of pickup, however we reserve the right to hold the customer liable for any un-seen damage discovered within 24 hours of the rental pickup. Please note any damage to equipment or inaccuracies in rental inventory upon delivery on the Rental Invoice.  My NW Event LLC limits all liability to the total cost of the rental, and is not responsible for damage to facilities, guests, or other equipment.


            Curb Side Delivery is the delivery method of the rental in a location directly accessible by the delivery truck/van. “Setup” or “Backyard Delivery” is an additional charge. If we arrive to deliver/pickup items and the location has been misrepresented or rentals are not in the same approximate location as delivery, My NW Event LLC reserves the right to calculate the “Backyard Delivery” or “Setup” fee and add them to the total rental fee. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, customers shall be responsible for transportation to and from My NW Event LLC within accordance of all standard commercial practices and at the current market rates.


            Customer is responsible for the balance due at time of delivery, any additional costs or balance remaining immediately after the rental is due and subject to a $50 late charge as well as 15% per month of the remaining balance until the account is paid in full. Customer is responsible for all costs associated in collection of the full rental fee, as well as any additional costs. A credit card number is required on all rentals as well as an authorized person’s signature accepting these terms and authorizing My NW Event LLC to charge the credit card for any rental costs or additional fees. If the customer wishes to pay in cash, a credit card is still required but will be noted “paid” as to not double charge the rental fee, but will be held for any additional fees. Credit card information is destroyed once the equipment is checked back in completely, no card information is kept on file unless the customer wishes to set up a rental account.

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